Merryland school features high-end robotics lab

Merryland International School, in its attempt to integrate cutting-edge technology in the curriculum, has a state-of-the art robotics lab in the school. The school thinks that Robotics is an exciting way to bring science, technology, engineering and mathematics to our classrooms. The lab boasts of 30 different high- end robots including humanoids, quadrupeds, hexapods, flying and pet robots.


Merryland is the first school in the UAE to use such advanced robots for educational purposes whereas the other schools in the country normally use LEGO mindstorm robotics. Through this innovative technological venture, children from even grade III get the opportunity to learn the basics of robotics. The programme is integrated into the school curriculum and delivered through physics, ICT and math classes. Students are trained in the lab to do from simple to high-end robotic programmes. Each programme is aimed at developing the 21st century skills like critical thinking and advanced problem solving skills.

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