Aisoy1 V5s. The Emotional Social Programmable Robot

At our ROBOTICS Club, we are profoundly passionate about technology.

It is a force that is driven and inspired us always. So we also want to gift our MIS students an amazing creativity learning experience. To encourage creative thinking in kids. To improve their ability for solving challenging problems. To bring their imagination to life. To inspire them to create new things and technology.

We have added to our collection, 10 new Aisoy1 V5s, magical and emotional robots.
Improve ability to solve challenging problems.

Science and Maths playing with Aisoy1 are easier to understand and learn. Students can enjoy solving challenging problems alone or with their team. They think about the alternatives, put in practice, evaluate the results and iterate to improve the solution. It is fun and very easy to code your Aisoy1 using Scratch tool by MIT.

MIS students use Aisoy1 to solve mazes using basic AI algorithms, put in practice physical concepts as distance or speed, make maths playing games, build simon game using belly’s colours and mouth screen or explore artificial vision capabilities using face detection technology and QR codes detection.