Credentials update

Dear Parent,

ADEK has given a reminder to all parents who have not completed their credentials update in the eSIS.

You are kindly requested to bring the below-mentioned documents before 31 December 2019, to our Registration Department between 09.00 am and 03.00 pm.

  1. Emirates ID of student (original plus 2 colour copies, both sides)
  2. Emirates ID of father (original plus 1 colour copy, both sides)
  3. Emirates ID of mother (original plus 1 colour copy, both sides)
  4. Passport copy with valid visa of student, father & mother (colour copies)
  5. Student health insurance card (2 colour copies both sides)
  6. Latest copy of water and electricity bill or Tawtheeq with Premises ID, Zone, Sector and plot. (If there is a change in your residence location)

Note: Original Emirates ID will be returned immediately after scanning. Kindly bring documents for all your children studying with us.

Thank you,

Merryland International School