His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan with Sherwoodians

18th January 2012

A microscopic minority of the luckiest Sherwoodians got a chance of their life time
to witness a majestic moment. That exciting moment unravelled before their very eyes
in the corridors of ADNEC where they were taken to see a science exhibition.

And sure did they see it – something their eyes could have never visualised,
something their mind could have never dreamt of. Time froze for a moment.
They stood transfixed. Eyes popped out, breathless, mouths agape,
heartbeats racing and goose bumps all over. Some cried.
Some suddenly turned dumb. Some went hysterical.
Some did a reality check. An unbelievable, unimaginable moment…

The Crown Prince, The Ruler of the Land,
His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan

walked into their midst in all majesty,
in the blinding blitzkrieg of hundreds of cameras flashing all around.
He stood by them, called them Habibti, laughed with them and posed with them.

The most coveted photo-op of their life time.
What more could they ask for that day, or any day for that matter?
Sherwood basked in the halo of the royal glitz.
The students enjoyed every second of that bliss and there was
only one prayer at the end of it all and it went up from their hearts in unison.
‘Please Lord, don’t let this moment ever come to an end.’