Merryland holds ‘Learning Walk’

The corridors of Merryland school once again came alive to scenes of frenetic activity as the pupils buzzed away in academic accent explaining their proud projects, spectacular outcomes of their month-long hard work, to a host of parents standing absolutely riveted.

Both sides of the high school corridors were lined with a bewildering array of pupils’ works which spoke volumes of their dazzling creativity. Though the display had a sharper focus on science and technology, other subjects were not given a complete go-by. One whole area was completely set apart for displaying pupils’ literary skills with their poems and stories and information about the literary giants of present and past adorning the walls.

Parents were also equally regaled with the celebration of learning at the primary pavilions and the KG corridors. Merryland, with the unstinting support of Mrs. Susheela George, the school founder, provides ample opportunities to its pupils to explore, innovate and inspire and also to showcase the visual outcomes of their fruitful empirical learning through similar programmes.


A book has been released on this Learning Walk with detailed project description and photographs.

To order your copy please call 02-5519626.