Immense hard work and tireless effort


Rayed’s been a Merryland student ever since his first day at school and not once have we even considered a switch…This is all due to the immense hard work and tireless effort every staff member at Merryland puts into each and every one of their students.

This year, the hard work the entire Merryland unit put in clearly paid off in view of the amazing results the school has achieved on a global scale. Rayed himself has achieved a UAE rank in the English subject and this certainly wouldn’t have been possible if not for the amazing and ever-so-motivating teachers he was backed by during the exam tenure, and they deserve just as much credit for this achievement as a team.

Our sincere thanks to the gracious yet ever-so-determined founder of this extraordinary institute, Mrs. Susheela George, as all success this organization has ever achieved is down to her at the end of the day. We would like to further thank the chairman, Mr. Aaron Grandon, who has been a great carrier of the torch Mrs. George has passed onto him, building up on the foundation Mrs. George laid and taking the school to greater heights. Last but not the least, a massive thank you to Rayed’s English language teachers, Mrs. Sanjna and Mr. Joseph for all aid they offered Rayed as and when he needed it, under the much-appreciated guidance of the very responsible school principal, Mrs. Subha.

We share the joy Rayed brought us with everyone involved in the education process at Merryland, and will be sure to recommend this magnificent learning centre to everyone we meet, so their respective children can also enjoy the success Merryland is sure to get them!!

Thank you and best regards,

Samir Pathan,