Photography Competition 2020 Application Form

MIS Student Council 2019-2020 brings you a photography competition to be held in this academic year 2019-2020. In order to become one of the few whose work will be displayed and graced, apply below. Please enter an e-mail address which can be used to contact you outside school. You are advised to regularly check this e-mail address for updates regarding the competition.

Link to Application form

Rules. Regulations & Judging Criteria

1. Contestants are only allowed to submit a maximum of 5 pictures.

2. Students can only apply for the following categories:

I. Junior Category : Grades 4-6 – Food

II. Middle-school Category : Grades 7-8 – Culture and Heritage of the UAE

III. High-school Category : Grades 9-10 – Architecture

IV. Senior Category : Grades 11-12 – Urban Landscapes

3. Your parents must be informed of your decision to enter the competition.

4. No cheating or bribing is allowed in any form whatsoever.

5. Only one entry is allowed per entrant.

6. Your first entry will be assessed only, any dual entries after the first entry will be ignored.

7. Entrants are only allowed to edit their pictures by using filters or image-adjusting such as cropping, no photo-editing software including but not limited to PhotoShop, Adobe Creative, should be used.

8. No plagiarism (taking someone else’s work) is allowed.

9. There will be 1 winner and 1 runner up for each category.

10. Images should not be inappropriate in nature.

11. Images should be taken by the entrant themselves.

12. Rules are subject to change at the convenience of the Student Council.

13. The Student Council reserves the right to reject your entry at any possible time.

14. The Student Council reserves the right to disqualify any participant found in violation of rules.

15. Entries should be submitted within the time period, no entries submitted after the time period will be assessed.

16. Entrants should avoid including any individuals’ face in their image, if done so, prior permission must be taken from the individual.

17. Images must not contain any items violating copyright.

II. Judgement Criteria

1. Creativity.

2. Uniqueness of Concept.

3.Clarity of Expression.

4. Adherence to the Theme.

5.Visual Appeal