Shelter for Widows in Pakistan

Empowering Women and Girls for a New Future in Faisalabad, Pakistan. Building Shelters for homeless women and children. Merryland Cares hopes that we will be able to provide some assistance and help to a fraction of Humanity that has been literally forgotten in the pursuit of affirming their human rights, due to the current political, economic and religious scenarios in Pakistan.


Merryland lends a Hand and Heart for the Harassed Women

From time immemorial women haven’t been given their due. Millions of them suffer silently around the globe either as a victim of a broken family or victimized at the hand of an abusive husband or in-laws. From time to time society has coined ‘pleasant’ terms like honour killing and ‘sati’ to condone the crime committed against them. Devoid of any hope of help their cries echo in their houses that turned to be their prison.

Merryland International School fiercely argue for and stand by the cause of gender equality . To put the smile back on their face and hope in their heart, Merryland has joined its hand and heart with Hope Development, an organization in Pakistan that vociferously voice their support for empowering women and girls for a new future.

Merryland International in collaboration with Humanity Healing International and the United Grand Priories of the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem, a Malta based philanthropic group is building shelter for 60- odd abused and abandoned women in Faisalabad, Pakistan.