Take an out-of-this-world ‘Space tour’ along the MIS Sagan Planet Walk!

This model of our solar system was inspired by Ithaca Sciencenter, New York, and dedicated to the memory of astronomer Carl Sagan.


The walk begins with the Sun station and ends at the station representing the dwarf planet, Pluto. Each station has a model of the planet and an informational plaque.

Along the way, you might discover that the sunny side of Mercury is hotter than a pizza oven, or that it rains strong sulfuric acid on Venus, or that a year on Pluto takes 248 Earth years. Planning to land on Jupiter? Forget it – this planet is hot and gaseous, and has no solid surface.

Each student has a passport – “Passport to the Solar System” to use as they embark on their space walk. These passports provide interesting facts about each planet and the Sun while posing questions to encourage discussion. Using this as a guide, students are invited to stop at each planet station to read the information provided in the passport and to have their passport stamped as proof of their “visit” to each planet.