Character Day – Department of English

Department of English of Merryland International School hosted “Character Day” for students from Grade 4 to Grade 9. It was a fun-filled day as students dressed up as their favourite character and described their costume character in a few lines. Students had a good time choosing costumes individually or coordinating with their friends in themed outfits. The variety of characters was endless. They chose famous characters from television, movies, books and other entertainment venues. Other characters included politicians, authors, directors, characters from particular genres and those in the current or past spotlight in various fields.

Character Day highlighted how a particular “character” influences the thoughts and actions of children and teenagers. Haniya, clad in black and white outfit and holding a lamp dressed as Florence Nightingale, when asked why she chose that character, replied “she was a selfless example of making efforts to serve others”. It reiterated the fact that reading and learning goes beyond the academic realm. It sent positive messages in everything they did or said in that costume. It served as a platform where all kinds of students – gregarious, introverts, rebellious, timid, -irrespective of their academic performance dropped all inhibitions and happily participated in this “joyful” event”.