Circular Ref: Cir/TRA/2017-18-AuhPolice

Circular Ref: Cir/TRA/2017-18-AuhPolice

Sub: Compliance of Traffic Rules In School Areas
Dear parent,

This circular is as per the instruction of the Mussafah Traffic Police department to all parents who use personal vehicles to drop off and/or pick up their child at/from school.

Please be informed that it is illegal to wait or park your vehicle on any of the roads by the school for the purpose of dropping off or picking up your child as this is dangerous and causes severe traffic blocks. You must only drop off or pick up your child at the designated areas of the school parking lots. Violations of this lead to penalty and other legal proceedings from the local authorities.

The traffic police department wants all parents to co-operate in this regard for the smooth flow of traffic, especially in school areas.

Thank you,