Introducing PC Lab carts in classrooms

Merryland is proud to introduce PC Lab carts in classrooms, where the IT Labs reach classrooms instead of students always moving to IT Labs. Our students currently utilize IT labs for ICT lessons as well as online learning and assessment programs for Math and English. From this year forward, Arabic lessons, homework assignments and assessments will be included in this program.

The addition of these mobile laptop carts in the classrooms will increase the usage of ICT across the curriculum as well as enhance core competency skills viz:
• knowledge & skills mastery in ICT, Arabic, English and Mathematics,
• 21st century skills like critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration,
• life and career skills, leadership and responsibility, and
• information, communication and technology literacy

While there is no direct cost to our parents for the purchase of these computers, carts or networking equipment needed for this program, we do require that parents purchase a pair of ear buds/ earphones so that your ward can use them with the devices. These can be found at any electronics store or supermarket at nominal prices. Not having these earbuds for class will significantly limit what the child can perform on the PC.

These devices are equipped with the necessary safety features to curb unapproved use but we still suggest regular conversations with your children regarding expected safe computer use practices. Additionally, while these devices are manufactured to be rugged, damage can occur due to mishandling. Usage of these devices by your ward implies that any damages caused by mishandling, misusing, rough using, dropping, vandalism, or any cause not mentioned above will require the device to be repaired or replaced at your expense according to the parent handbook issued at the beginning of the academic year and also found on the school website. The parent will be notified when damage has occurred, the device will be repaired or replaced by the school and the cost shall be passed on to the parent. As we have limited number of devices, this also means that your child will be excluded from the program until the repair or replacement has been completed.

Please instruct your ward that these devices must be used with extreme care and responsibility.

Thank you,