Merryland students secure 12 outstanding Cambridge learner awards

In the 2017 Cambridge Exam, Merryland students secured 12 outstanding learner awards in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and ICT.

These awards celebrate the outstanding academic achievements of Merryland Students across 10,000 Cambridge schools across the globe who have demonstrated exceptional performance in Cambridge examinations.

Adding further feathers to its cap and making its flag of excellence fly even higher, Merryland students, as usual, have brought laurels to their school by winning several ‘Top of the World’ and ‘Top in UAE’ awards.

Merryland, since its inception around 40 years ago, by its founder, Mrs. Susheela George, the pioneer in the education arena in the UAE, now with the strength of 3,000 pupils and 400 staff has become a testament to success; concrete proof of the passion Mrs. George has to educate young minds. Mrs. George is the proud holder of numerous awards and citations; all of which she earned with perseverance and dedication towards her cause.

Merryland is the only school in the Middle East chosen as the Brand Ambassador of Cambridge, UK and it is also the only school with ISO certification.

Top of the World Awards:

  • Mohammed Sharjeel: AS Level Mathematics
  • Vaibbavi Senthil Kumar: AS ICT
  • Mohammed Areeb Ashar: IGCSE Mathematics
  • Mohammed Zauraiz Malik: IGCSE Mathematics

Top in the UAE:

  • Hiba Aslam: A Level Biology
  • Hiba Aslam: A Level Chemistry
  • Hiba Aslam: A Level Mathematics
  • Daneal Ahmad Shafiq: AS Level Physics
  • Aniket Jitendra Talwar: IGCSE ICT
  • Mohammad Tahmid Hassan: IGCSE Physics

Best Across the Country:

  • Hiba Aslam: Best Across 3 AS and A Level
  • Mohammed Sharjeel: Best Across 4 AS Level