Creative Writing Competition – Department of English

The Department of English has been conducting various competitions, talent shows etc. since the start of this academic year and ‘Creative Writing’ was one of the most opted skills by the pupils. This year the creative writing competition was conducted on October 9th, 2017. Many pupils turned out to be great writers, poets, and poetesses as they expressed themselves with clarity and precision.

For grades 8 and 9, a picture prompt was given and students had to build up their writing piece around the picture. They came up with compelling coherent short stories/poems containing well-organized features, characters, dialogues and climax based on the picture given and wrote beautiful reflective pieces which were original and self-expressive. The stories seemed to reveal the whole gamut of human emotions. Moreover, the competition sent a message across to the students that everything they feel or say about a theme is worthwhile, thus favouring self-expression. Indeed their thoughts and feelings were bolstered by their skill.

Grade 6 and 7 had to continue the story, the beginning line of which was “If I lived back in history…” It was intriguing to read the ideas they came up with. They travelled through time zones and wished they could turn around the events so that peace reigned. They imagined being there when there was a breakthrough in inventions or with great warriors who held absolute sway.

Grade 4 and 5 painted beautiful pictures with their words on the topic “The Moving Statue”, where the statues came to life. At times, shivers ran down the spine when people saw it while at other times the world transformed into a paradise.