MONOLOGUE COMPETITION – Department of English



The objective of the Department of English was to offer better opportunities and platform for students to achieve the finesse over the language. Keeping in mind the facts, along with many other competitions, the Department of English organized a monologue delivery competition on 25th October 2017, in which grades 7, 8 and 9 partook.

In all, 30 students participated. From each grade 10 contestants were selected and were given the chance to convey their best recital. Each contestant wholeheartedly contributed to make the competition tough to be judged. Apart from the enthusiasm distinguished amongst the students, another fact that was observed was that the students also covered a variety of popular characters which was quite beyond belief and praiseworthy.

The delivery of the monologue was judged majorly under 4 criterions:

• Character uniqueness

• Voice modulation

• Dialogue delivery / pronunciation

• Overall presentation