Cricket coaching

Coaching tomorrows stars

Cricket has a huge following here in the UAE, as it provides great excitement as a competitive sport. There are so many other benefits to it for kids (learning to keep those pristine whites smudge-free sadly not being one of them). Lauded as one of the fastest field sports in the world, cricket isn’t just for elite athletes or adults trying to relive former sporting glory; it’s a sport for everyone, and kids in particular can benefit enormously from starting in the junior programs and learning the essential basic cricket skills through fun and engaging activities.

Celebrated all around the world, skills gained from the sport can help children develop their physical fitness in a friendly environment and increase essential fine motor skills, improve endurance and stamina, boost balance and coordination and perfect hand-eye coordination.

MIS has a new facility of cricket nets with AstroTurf surface for children to train and practice. The practice sessions are supervised by an ICCA qualified cricket coach.

The children start from the basic guidance of all skills. 

  • With regards to batting they are trained in grip of the bat, stance, initial movement of the feet, back lift of the bat and how to complete the stroke.
  • With regards to bowling they are trained how to grip the ball, run-up to the stumps to bowl, release of the ball, and how to follow through after the action of bowling is completed.
  • With regards to ground fielding, they are trained in over arm throw and under arm throw and other basic fielding drills.
  • Also importance is given to fitness where the children are taught various warm up and warm down exercises, and strength training exercises which are essential for the game.