Grateful, thankful and blessed.


We are extremely delighted and honoured, that our son Muhammad Areeb Ashar has secured a Top World Rank in the subject of Mathematics in this IGCSE Exams 2017.We have been very impressed with his progress.He has developed very well towards his education & his confidence has increased.This is due to an immense dedication and effort of all teachers and school management.

We are really overwhelmed with the school’s distinctive educational method which contributes an intellectual & academic development of students.In addition the IT innovations and state of the art labs are the symbols of Merryland.Moreover the founder of school Mrs.Susheela George indeed contributed a great missionary passion and devoted her file in providing a quality education in this region.

We wish MIS and its team the very best in all their endeavours.

Ashar Ahmed



Thank you for giving me an opportunity to speak on behalf of the parental community of Merryland International School. I father of Areeb a world rank awardee in mathematics would like to congratulate him and other students gathered here as the outstanding learners. I would like to extend my gratitude to the community of Cambridge International in honoring and recognizing our pupil today.

First and foremost I thank this great country United Arab Emirates which has always recognized and raised the education standards of the nation.

I want to extend my sincere gratitude to the nest, Merryland International School, where my son has been groomed from the early stage of kindergarten until today in grade 11.

I have always relaxed and sat back to watch my son progressing in each year of his student life. He began his schooling with world’s most prestigious syllabus from Cambridge.

The Cambridge curriculum is the most preferred and outstanding curriculum which has framed my son to be confident, responsible, respectful and innovative learner to face the present and future challenges.

Cambridge qualifications are greatly accepted and valued by renowned universities around the globe, including MIT, Harvard Oxford and Cambridge. They are recognized as qualifications that prepare and equip students with the skills they need to succeed both at university and beyond.

Thank you Cambridge!

By the Grace of God! Today, I stand honored and proud to be part of this occasion where Merryland International School is being recognized with the maximum number of outstanding learner award. I can confidently say that Merryland under the leadership of Mrs Susheela George for four decades and more is in the mission of preparing young minds to be confident and dutiful citizens of the world with fear of God, dedication and discipline.

As the motto of School very well said changing lives nations wide- I thank the visionary educationist Mrs. George and her team of teachers for the achievement of my and son and many other pupils attained through Merryland.

Above all, I must say that “the mother is the first teacher of the child. The message she gives that child, that child gives to the world.” Indeed the achievement of my son has a great contribution of his mother. She as a professional teacher has provided him a strong base which lead him in achieving the world rank.

At the end I conclude to say!

Let this vision of this great nation UAE and its leader spread beyond the border.

Let Cambridge International be a beacon of enlightment to many young leaners.

Let the dedication of Merryland be blessed to change lives of many young minds.

Thank you all.

Ashar Ahmed