Debate Club – MISDC Applications 2022-2023

MISDC Applications 2022-2023

MISDC’s journey first began in January 2021, when Merryland witnessed the creation of its first-ever student-led club, founded by four hard-working students, Aadi Shri Gupta, Marwan Ahmed, Tasnim Fouad and Hafsa. We’ve participated and excelled in several competitions, such as the NYUAD Debating Tournament, Dubai Debate League, and Primetime Debates.

Our aim is to produce well-rounded and passionate debaters, grow our school’s honour and most of all, have fun!

Through debate, you learn how to respectfully disagree and argue, along with looking at situations from multiple perspectives. Debate not only enhances one’s public speaking & communication skills, but it also facilitates a desire to learn.

To learn the art of debating, apply to MISDC using this google form. The deadline for applications is the 30th of September. Students from Grade 6 and above can apply.

For further queries, contact the club heads: President Ronaish Arshad (11D), Vice President Tasnim Fouad (12A) and Vice President Aarya Patil (11D). Teachers in-charge, Ms. Roccy George and Mr. Jinsmon Kurian

Thank you!