MISIC – MIS Intern Committee

MISIC – MIS Intern Committee

The MIS Intern Committee is an initiative taken by the MIS Student Council, which aims to provide the student body with new, exciting and productive opportunities that will contribute to both their character and skill.

Being a part of MISIC will allow you to foster and exhibit skills such as designing, editing, communication, teamwork, organization, and time management. Moreover, it is an incredible chance to gain relevant experience in any field of your interest. Being an intern for the Student Council allows you to gain insights into activities or tasks you are bound to encounter later on in your life, whether that be as a university student or a professional in your field.

Interns in the MISIC can undertake many roles, all of which are integral to the organization of events and interactive activities affiliated with the Student Council. To apply to MISIC, you can choose from the following five roles: graphic designer, video editor, article writer, event planner, or IT coordinator.

The roles of the interns are as follows:

  • Graphic Designers create visual representations, infographics, and images for Student Council initiatives.
  • Video Editors create informative and eye-catching videos to be broadcast.
  • Article Writers create written content for the Student Council section on the school website, along with scripts for certain addresses made by SCMs.
  • IT Coordinators manage the auditorium stage, the sound system, music, and presentations during any events.
  • Event Planners will help in organizing and coordinating future large-scale events conducted by the Student Council – these could include assemblies, discussions, etc. Tasks would encompass inviting guests, arranging music sequences, etc.

Students from Grades 8-12 are encouraged to apply as interns through this google form.

For further queries, contact any Student Council Members.

Thank you!